Our Story


The Farm

Our family farm, Cerro Farm, is part of the (NAME?) National Park in the Jalapa Valley of Nicaragua. Abundant in biodiversity, this mountainous landscape and vibrant climate cultivate the potential for Trail Coffee’s flavors and aromas. Our community – farmers, roasters, baristas and customers – is what brings this potential to life.

It takes a village, right? Raising a good cup of coffee is no exception. When we made the commitment to support growth and new opportunities for our coffee, we knew we’d have to do the same for the families who work on our farm. We’re proud to provide a schoolhouse, as well as dormitories and meals for more than 70 permanent resident-workers and up to 500 during picking season. The Cerro farm is the longest standing permanent employer in the (REGION NAME) region.



Company History

Our story began in the 70’s high up in Nicaragua’s cloud forest where our farmstead flourishes today. From the trail up to the tallest mountain in the region, Cerro de Jesus, and down into the communities that we support, our founder’s fascination with this land turned into a lifestyle and eventually a budding coffee business that led our Trail across the globe.

As we continue growing and searching for the best, most responsibly sourced coffee, our journey has led us all the way to California’s own fertile landscape, the San Joaquin Valley. This is where we share the fruits of our global community with our local community in Stockton, CA, and where our first café will open its in 2018.